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April 17, 2020

Covid-19 and photography

To all of my current and future clients,

Goodness, my heart goes out to all of my wonderful clients who have had their dream for a large spring wedding taken away. While many have chosen to postpone their weddings, I have also seen a lot more inquiries for couples wanting a smaller wedding ceremony.

I want to photograph your wedding however YOU want your wedding! I’ve had clients who have chosen to postpone their wedding for the fall or next spring. I’ve also had clients who have decided to have a backyard wedding at home and celebrate when the threat of Covid-19 is over. I hope to be there to document your love and to make portraits that will truly show the way it felt.

This truly is a time full of uncertainty and I want to help you in any way I can. I want to offer value to so many of you incredible people who trust me to document your memories. That’s why I’ve made a video showing you how to take better photos with your phones! I’ve made helpful how-to videos on my Instagram. You can view them here:

The silver lining I am forcing myself to see is this- Connection is ALL THAT MATTERS. It is what I have built my business documenting and Covid-19 has only proven to me just how important it is. To hold each other close and love everyone around us. To take joy in the small things and to remember that each day is a blessing. I hope to work with you dear people soon and document some cherished moments. Until then, stay safe my friends.