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June 14, 2018

Lee Family | Payson Arizona Family Photos

Wedding photography is my passion, but people and their relationships with each other are my favorite subjects. Today I wanted to blog about something I love to do, photograph families. My approach, like in my wedding photography, is to document people. To document people as they truly are. Yes, it is incredibly important to get classic portraits, both in weddings and when photographing families. And I do. I believe it is incredibly important to see photos where people are perfectly lit and smiling at the camera. But it is my mission to photograph people when they are interacting with each other and to photograph people in a way that helps them remember the way it felt. The way it felt to be first married, newly engaged, a mother, a daughter, a little brother. I wanted to share a few images from this incredibly family! As you can see, they warmed up to me quickly and I encouraged them to be themselves. And when they did, I acted quickly and got some great interactions. I just love the way these images turned out and hope that you do too!