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February 12, 2015

Foundation- Learning to trust myself


(cover photo by the amazing David Murray)

Wow. Last week I embarked on the most challenging and rewarding photographic experience of my life. Foundation Workshop is an amazing workshop that gives wedding photographers experience with photojournalism. We were assigned amazing mentors and given an assignment to document a real people in their real surroundings. I attended this workshop to push myself as an artist and be the best photographer I can. Please watch this video to understand more about the process of Foundation.

For me, Foundation wasn’t what I thought it would be. I expected it to be hard, and it was. I expected to learn a lot, and I did. Most of all I expected for my life to change, and it didn’t. But I know that it will. Because I’m going to work my butt off to serve my purpose in this world. I learned that I am in charge of my own life, that I am in charge of my own change and growth. For me, Foundation gave me the invaluable lesson to trust myself completely. To stop fluttering around expecting to do everything, to stick with my vision and execute it to my best ability. Wether it was from my incredible mentors, Kirsten Lewis and David Murray, or my amazing fellow students, or simply being surrounded by so many supportive artists, I learned to shoot from my heart in a new way. Through trial and error, laughter and crying, I realized even more how much I love what I do and how trusting myself is crucial to producing my best work. After Foundation, I am inspired and encouraged to take the best photos of my life. To treat each subject I photograph with curiosity and my genuine desire to tell their story. I have shot every day since returning from Foundation and I see photos in a whole new light. I appreciate my life, my kids, and my husband in a whole new way. Not only did I come back from Foundation with skills to be a better photographer, but also how to be a better human being. I am thankful for so much support from amazing friends. Get ready world, cuz here I come. Thank you Foundation Workshop 13!!!

Here are a few photos from my time at Foundation. (top three photos taken by the amazing Dexter Lo)